Dental Practice Marketing: Tip 1 – Flex Spending Accounts

Marketing to patients who have flex spending accounts is an important component of dental practice marketing.  Approximately thirty-five million Americans are covered by a flexible spending accounts (FSA). Flexible spending accounts are employer-based programs that allow consumers to set aside tax-free dollars to purchase medical products and services.  These include doctor visits, daycare expenses and dental expenses.

Marketing to patients who have flexible spending accounts is an important component of dental practice marketing. 

Since most people only go to the doctor when they are sick and parents have already entered into a daycare agreement, dentists have the most to gain.  Reminding patients that their flexible spending accounts must be used by the end of the year or in some cases by May 31st of the following year, is another way to increase practice revenue.

Unlike doctors, dentists can offer additional services such as teeth cleaning, teeth whitening, fillings, implants, veneers, x-rays and bite guards, to name a few.  The service and product offerings are endless and when considering the “Use it or Lose it” policy, patients with flexible spending accounts are a more than worthy marketing audience.

Smart dental practice’s use targeted direct mail programs and social media campaigns to remind patients to use their flexible spending accounts.  Patients who have been healthy most of the year will have more to send on improve their smile or making important repairs to their teeth.  Dentists can also offer packages that include a membership fee or prepayment fee for products and services that will be utilized in the near future.

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For more information on how flexible spending accounts work, please review the IRS Publication or Information from the University of Michigan Human Resources department.