BRAND DISCOVERY: Brand discovery is the first and most important component of services we plan to provide your company. This step involves really getting to know your business, your industry, your competition and your target customer. This involves meeting with you and your team, conducting research, conducting interviews, and really drilling down to the core of how people relate to your brand.

BRAND STRATEGY: Once brand discovery is complete, we will work on a competitive brand strategy unique to you. Brand strategy considers the possibility of future growth and how your brand should be communicated to the target customer and any expanded target in other geographies. This includes how your brand could be perceived, favorably or unfavorably, by diverse groups based on language, race, gender, sexual preference, association, and socioeconomic factors.

When developing a brand strategy, we look to create a brand that stands out in the marketplace and positions itself as an irreplaceable partner that solves a problem or answers a need. This includes the development of your sales propositional statement or tagline. Consumers should believe in the inherent superiority of the experience with your brand so much, that even in a negative economy, they are willing to continue to utilize your brand and pay more for it.

Brand strategy should also include how selling your (brand) practice to another dentist in the coming years. A brand that can move forward with a new dentist is important because it protects and maintains the market share you have earned in previous years. Otherwise, your practice would only be valued by its real estate, capital equipment and other assets. It is our intention to make your brand a tangible asset.

BRAND IDENTITY: Once we have developed your brand strategy and you have approved this direction, we will create your brand identity in a more visual way. It is paramount that we create a brand identity that resonates with consumers and reinforces the emotional relationship that is at the heart of a truly successful brand. Successful brands are memorable by their name, their use of typography, fonts and colors, all working in concert with brand messaging and taglines.

BRAND UNITY: We will develop brand guidelines that unifies your brand in all that you do. We will express how to properly use your brand in various marketing, advertising, or promotional campaigns.