Direct Mail Marketing for Dentists

We handle the design, print, and mailing of your direct mail marketing campaign to thousands of homeowners. Dentists depend on a steady flow of new patients to grow their dental practices and our direct mail marketing program will ensure that the pipeline is full, all year long.

The estimated average value of a new patient is $1200 per year and our direct mail postcard campaigns are known to generate over 20 new patients per month.  This could generate almost $300,000 in new patient revenue, per year.

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$300,000 in New Patient Revenue ~ We handle all the details

  • Direct Mail Marketing: Direct mail marketing is a proven way to generate new customers for your dental practice.
  • Graphic Design: We will develop the necessary graphic design to best present your brand image, showcase your product, and introduce your services.
  • Printing: We handle all printing on quality paper from the envelope to the enclosed letter, or use THICK GLOSSY POSTCARDS to be placed in the mailbox by the post office.
  • Distribution: We handle the distribution of your direct mail campaign to the United States Post Office, for delivery to specific neighborhoods, streets, communities, zip codes, and filtering based on your desired demographics (number of persons in the household, age, household salary, P.O. Boxes, rural routes, businesses or residential addresses).
  • Measurement: We measure the results of your direct mail program to determine the Return on Investment (ROI) of your direct mail marketing investment and make necessary adjustments.


Available Postcards Sizes

atlanta direct mail marketing

There are many postcard sizes available; however, the following sizes are the most popular sizes used for direct mail marketing and the EDDM Post Office Delivery Program.

6.5″x9″ or 6.5″x12″