WEBSITE DESIGN AND HOSTING  $399 / month for the first 12 months* We will create a new website that can be easily used by patients on their mobile devices, tablets, and computers. Upon final payment, you will own your website code. Our price includes: ✓ Website development on the Wordpress™ platform ✓ Hosting on our dedicated server ✓ Security Certificate for the first year ✓ Licensed images from ✓ Mobile-enabled rendering ✓ Website maintenance ✓ Website updates ✓ Website monitoring ✓ Links to patient forms or a patient portal* ✓ Links to your payment portal* ✓ Social media links *If your dental software has a patient portal or a payment portal, we will link these for you.  We offer connectivity to third-party services for HIPAA forms and portals, depending on your software version. The cost of third-party services is not included.